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Welcome to Get Real EFX Fitness


Know by most as GRE Fitness, we are a 5000 Square ft. fitness facility.

At GRE Fitness we offer:

  1. three different group fitness programs. We have both morning and evening classes.
  2. early morning and mid-day small group personal training
  3. nutritional advice and guidance



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  1. Experience for one. With over 15 yrs in the fitness industry we been around the block and through a few fads.
  2. We cater our program to fit all fitness levels. Beyond a major injury every workout can be modified to fit your specific goals.
  3. Our welcoming environment. This is not your muscle head or fitness model type of gym. Although, you may aspire to be those, we want everyone that comes in the door to feel like they are at their local hangout and all their friends have come to party.
  4. Our fun filled environment. You must have a sense of humor and be prepared to have fun even when you're getting your butts handed to you. If you're too overly serious and cannot workout and have fun at the same time, then we are probably not the place for you.
  5. photo 5 (1)Our lack of ego. We ask that you check your egos at the door and just come in and work to achieve YOUR specific goals and know everyone else is doing the same.
  6. Most importantly our belief in balance. We know how to help you get to your goals and if you want the strictness we can provide it to an extent. However, balance of life is what we mostly preach. We know most people just what to feel good, look better, and still have the occasional drink along the way. We are not going to belittle you or reprimand you for doing so. Hell, we may even offer to buy your 1st drink while having our social happy our next door at Little Woodrow's.
  7. Just a side note " We are not a Crossfit or a BootCamp!" They have their program, GRE Fitness has ours.



  1. Our introductory offer is 3 classes for $1
  2. The three group fitness programs run from $99-$150 / Month. It will depend on the number of days a week you want to come in.
  3. The Small Group Personal Training will run from $30-$75/Session depending on how often you are coming in.




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GRE Intensity

  1. It is more of a HITT style training program, but it can and is transitioned to a strength and circuit type program as well.
  2. Usually each exercise is based on time with an allotted rest period. However, sometimes it is an at your own pace time program. This is where you will be counting your reps for each exercise and trying to complete the program designed for the day.
  3. The program changes every six weeks with new exercises and goals
  4. You do not have to start at the beginning of the 6 weeks for best results. Just come in and begin when you are ready.
  5. You can expect doing this program to become more conditioned, stronger, increase endurance, lose fat, and gain muscle. It all depends on how you orientate each workout



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  1. This program is run simultaneously to all group fitness programs.
  2. This is for the more intermediate and advance enthusiast
  3. The S&C Program is in a group setting but primarily done independently. The group attendees are there more to spot and help to prevent injury.
  4. You will aim to maximize weight in your lifts to ensure muscle development. (lift more to build more)
  5. You can expect to become a lot stronger, build more muscle, increase muscle stamina and endurance, as well as burn fat.



  1. This is a full body, high intensity, and cardiovascular program
  2. We mix boxing drill, kickboxing, cardio, and strength training to bring you a well rounded, fun, & intense class.
  3. From beginner to the advanced this is a great addition to any program you are currently doing.
  4. You don't have to bring gloves but it is HIGHLY recommended. You really do not want to be sharing smelly gloves.
  5. MMA training gloves and Boxing gloves (14oz-18oz are recommended)



  1. 1st click on register here above and put in your primary info. This speeds up the process.
  2. DO NOT worry about RESERVING a spot on your 1st class. Just look at the schedule and pick a class time and come in.
  3. The ONLY thing you MUST contact to reserve a spot in is the Small Group Personal Training



  1. Comfortable workout clothes are a must. No Jeans, flip flops, and clothing where your butt is hanging out of your clothes. That goes for guy and girls alike..I'm just saying.
  2. Please wear clean clothing. No lucky socks, shorts, shirts. Keep your nasty, smelly clothes at home.
  3. We provide water, changing rooms, and towels. Please don't ACQUIRE our towels. This is the one thing you will be publicly shamed for.
  4. Just a note to also clean up after yourself and put up your own weights. I am not your house maid, your honey do kid, or your MOMMA!


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